Games like Meez

List containing of Meez like games. Games are included for various reasons such as same genre, they are set in same time in history or same producer. Games that are similar to Meez are:
There is a virtual world in which we can meet with other people, play with each other or play some games. In the game we create an avatar and choose: sex, skin color, eyes color etc. We can have here our own house and later decorate it as we want.
It’s a 3D world in which we meet new persons. Game is a virtual 3D chat. Buy and wear a most fashion clothes. In the game we can create an avatar, which we can personalize according to our ideas. We can have here our own room and design it as we want. IMVU is called an online version of The Sims.
Habbo is a virtual world in which we have a possibility to talk with other players. In the game we create our character and then tour rooms. We will talk here around big virtual hotel and talk with other players and sometimes meet new friends. We can create here our own room and design it according to our taste and then buy matching furniture.
Rail Nation

Rail Nation

Rail Nation
Second Life
Virtual world in 3D in which together with others we create virtual society. At first we create our own character, which we give physical characteristics such as age, height, weight and choose clothes for it. Second Life is a simulator of life, so we will talk with others, build and decorate our apartment, walk to the bar, etc.