Games like Metin 2

List containing of Metin 2 like games. Games are included for various reasons such as same genre, they are set in same time in history or same producer. Games that are similar to Metin 2 are:
4story is a dynamical game of fantasy MMORPG genre in which we fight for domination over other warriors. At the beginning of the game we choose one of the nations, profession of character and then we fight against others until you have power and willingness. Games focus mainly on fights between players but also on team playing. In game we complete multiple quest for which we receive additional points of experience and new equipment. Beautiful world of game makes you want to forget real world problems.
Knight Online
In Knight Online we are in middle of action and we have to be careful. We start our adventure by creating character: human (Elmorad) or orc (Karus). Then we have to choose one of 4 professions: Priest, warrior, mage or villain. In the game we will face a various kind of missions: quests from NPC or team ones with other players. Gigantic and beautiful game world will make time pass fast while we fight with enemies. In the game we have huge amount of various weapons available to use.
Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online
Kal Online
Kal Online is a computer fantasy MMORPG game, set in realities of oriental world. Kal means from Korean – sword. In the world of the game our goal will be fighting with a countless army of monsters leaded by Ban-Go who is a Daemon of darkness. In the game we create character and next we choose its gender, statistics, look and profession. We can choose from 8 different professions. In the game we can fight against monsters but also against other players and If we are bored of doing this we can complete one of quests from NPC.
Runes of Magic
Runes of Magic is free MMORPG in a fantasy world. We can find here more than 600 interesting missions. Select the class of your character and then we move into adventures. Then we will develop skills and get more and newer equipment. We will fight with hundreds of monsters.
In Shaiya we take part in battles against other players and we fight with countless monsters. The game has a very developed teams system that adds flavor to entire game. During the game we will find dozens of weapons. The most important here is developing new skills that will allow you to win over other players. In the game there are available many races to choose, bright side has archers elves, mages, warriors priests and defenders to choose and dark side have assassins, pagans, oracles, warriors, guardians and hunters.
Last Chaos
Last Chaos is a free mmorpg, which action takes place in the land called “Iris”. This land is resided by various kinds of monsters. Title offers greater amount of options for development of the hero. In the game we have available 8 professions. In the game an important thing is also trading with other players.
Cabal Online
In the game our task will be to prevent conspiracy, which threatens security of the world Nevereth. Cabal is mainly about participating in missions and small tasks. We will participate in typical missions but also logical puzzles. In the game we can be in alliances or fight alone. The game offers us 6 unique classes to choose from.
In Nostale the world is full of creatures ready to kill us. We have to choose one of 3 classes for our character and we can be: mage, archer or master of swords. We will participate in hundreds of battles and quests.
Age of Wulin
Free action game set in Asian climates. We will fight here using tai-chi, kung fu and other martial arts. You will learn them from different masters. You have also the opportunity here to learn meditation, acupuncture or acupressure. The gameplay is based here solely on the skills of our hero. Battles In the game are very addictive.
League of Angels
The game in which we will see heroes and angels. Take part in an eternal struggle between good and evil.
Dragons Prophet
Game with dragons in lead roles. We can choose here from diverse races and classes of dragons. Our goal will be to train dragons and fights with other creatures. There are 4 classes available for us: magician, warrior, archer and support.
Massively Multiplayer game Panzar is a game where elves, orcs, dwarves and peoples are in the eternal conflict with each other. Select one of these races and later fight with other players. We will fight in numerous PVP duels as well as with monsters you meet on maps.
Free MMORPG. The game is set in the world of science fiction with elements of fantasy. Play as here as human hero who has extraordinary powers. There are several classes to choose from. Professions in the game are very original.