Games like Minecraft

List containing of Minecraft like games. Games are included for various reasons such as same genre, they are set in same time in history or same producer. Games that are similar to Minecraft are:
In this game you play by building construction using different kind of blocks which are Lego like. We use in the game blocks of various materials and of various sizes. Action of the game takes place in a big rooms where we construct our buildings. In the game there are available multiple locations, all of them are connected together. Blockland is a free game for everybody.
Popular MMORPG game.

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Manic Digger
Similar to minecraft game, it let you build various kind of constructions using blocks. Manic Digger is very simple game which makes it give even more pleasure. Game dont have elements of MMORPG like minecraft, you will not see here fighting with sword till death. Our only goal is to build. For a free product this game have nice visuals. Game is being developed actively and authors promise more and more options.
Game in which we create whatever come to our mind in the moment. We create here our own location and than we can show it off to our friends. We can create here various own projects of constructions in which we will set up traps and surprises for our friends. Roblox have million pleased active fans. Game is free, with some limitations.