Games like Panfu

List containing of Panfu like games. Games are included for various reasons such as same genre, they are set in same time in history or same producer. Games that are similar to Panfu are:
Game in which our goal is to train horses. In Howrse we have pleasure to participate in multiple forms of activities and multiple kind of contests. Besides taking care of the horse, we have to develop our stables and provide for our horses best conditions to grow. By gaining experience points our horses will grow into fastest and most beautiful ones. Game is free.
Bella Sara
Action of Bella Sara takes place in magical world full of horses. Game is designed to expand players imagination. Game is in 3 dimensional graphics but we can play it fully in a web browser, no need for any program to be installed. At the beginning we create a profile and next we adopt a horse. We have to than take care of him and try to make him stay pleased.
Miramagia is a lovely and colorful world full of magic. In the game we can learn spells, cultivate useful plants and even grow a dragon. In the game we can choose one of the four professions shaman, druid, wizard and mage. The game is free.
My Free Zoo
We will become here a director/manager of zoo. Our responsibility as manager of Zoo will be to develop it by bringing new specimens of animals, building new interesting places or putting additional tourist attractions. In the game we see such animals as zebras, lions or small reptiles and amphibians.