Games like Smeet

List containing of Smeet like games. Games are included for various reasons such as same genre, they are set in same time in history or same producer. Games that are similar to Smeet are:
Popular MMORPG game.

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Game is like the sims, because it was created by the same company. Graphics in the game is cartoon-like and very simple which distinguishes it from the sims. Game is focused on social aspects of playing, we will build with friends new locations and live with them in it. Invite your friends and together experience unique adventures or play various mini games.
Sims 4
This game is online simulator of life. We play, drink and live our virtual life. We give to created character various physical and mental characteristics. We can create the whole family in the game. Than we can see how they will live with each other and if we will fulfill they needs and make them fallow they responsibilities. Game is a life simulator in which we observe various behaviors of our characters and we will have to react to them. In sims in addition we build house and put furnitures in it. Game have multiple mods and DLC available for it.
Virtual Families
Virtual Families is a game which takes place in real life in which we choose the smallest characteristics of looks of our character. Personality of our character is shaped by our actions. Your mission is for your character to fulfill its responsibilities like drinking, eating, cleaning , going to buy groceries or cooking. Game have system thanks to which actions takes place even if the game is turned off. Graphics in the game is very nice.